Mission – why do we exist?

We exist to provide non-profits and ministries working for the renewal of Baltimore City with quality volunteers.

We do this because God is at work renewing our city, and as we experience renewal in Jesus, God invites us to participate in that work.  

Vision – what does it look like if we’re successful?

We add value on all sides of the volunteer equation: For organizations, we provide volunteer training and on-site leadership and debriefing, to ensure volunteers are there to serve the mission of the organization they are helping, not to serve their own agenda.  For volunteers, we connect them with organizations that are working for real and lasting change in Baltimore City, so they know their efforts are worthwhile.  For recipients of service, we aim to listen, hear their story, and provide partners for change in their community, not just charity hand-outs or one-time ‘super-hero’ volunteers who drop in to save the neighborhood, only to leave it worse off the next day.


Values – what’s important to us?

 We value long-term engagement.  Our hope is that volunteers will not only experience some of the needs of Baltimore, but will also begin to dream about the renewal of the city and will become more deeply engaged because of it.  We will work to cultivate relationships with partner organizations so that volunteer opportunities are part of a longer-term commitment in the community.

We value local churches – we believe lasting change in Baltimore requires internal transformation of individuals, families, and communities – change that only God can bring. While it may not always be possible, we will do our best to participate and connect with local churches in the areas where we serve. 

We value volunteers from any faith-perspective.  Baltimore needs help, wherever it comes from.  Whether Christian or not, part of a church or not, volunteers are welcome to serve with us without obligation.  We love to see people from different parts of the faith spectrum interacting and working together.