Together we can make a difference

In light of the tragedy in Orlando this past weekend I keep thinking about the need for hope in our world. There are so many people without hope that have given up because their need is too big, or they are searching for hope but often in the wrong places. There is so much hatred and hurting in the world, you can’t turn on the news without hearing a string of violence here in our communities and across the world. How do we change it? How do we bring hope to a situation that feels hopeless. The needs are huge, yet I am so small, and I know that I am not alone in feeling that. So what do I do? What do we do?

We love. We serve. We reach out to those hurting around us. There is no act that is too small. If each of us do something, no matter how big or small, there will be a change. Sitting in fear and the feeling of being overwhelmed won’t do anything, and SOMETHING needs to be done.

Serve the City Baltimore is here to serve those that are broken in the our city. We want to know people by their names, not their needs. We want to cross the lines that are hard to cross and bring hope and love. We can’t do is alone, so we partner with organizations throughout Baltimore who are trying to renew the city. We connect volunteers to these organizations and  help walk with them through their serving experience bringing training and a time to debrief in order to help process what they have experienced.

This summer we have several projects, including an I Can Do It Music and Arts Camp and two Days of Hope. We are hosting a team and partnering with The Transformation Team and the Baltimore City Police for these projects. The I Can Do It Camp is for the kids in East Baltimore that are bored at home while a lot of their parents are working and trying to make ends meet. Days of Hope is a one-day special community event designed to meet both human and spiritual needs of residents. We are hosting one in the Eastern District and one in the Western District this summer. If you would like to serve at a Day of Hope click on Volunteer Opportunities at the top of our website and fill out the form. Together we can make a difference! 

Posted on June 13, 2016 .