Man Camp Volunteers Needed

Remember the first time you got in a car to drive, how overwhelming it was?  Step on the gas too much, then brake too hard, reach for the turn-signal only to hit the windshield know the routine.  We needed someone to show us the ropes, teach us how to drive, and ease us into the responsibility of operating a car - and it helped if that happened in an empty parking lot or a quiet street.  Imagine the disaster if your first time in a car you were asked to drive the Beltway during rush-hour!

Many boys in Baltimore are growing up to become men without anyone in their life showing them what it means to be a man or teaching them the responsibility of manhood.  Young Life in Baltimore City connects boys with Christian men who will walk with them for a time and show them the ropes - not by being experts who impart 'man information', but by being real men who love these boys and share a bit of their life with them.  They are always looking for men to be mentors.

June 6-8 is their annual Man Camp, and they need extra volunteers to help run the camp or fill in for mentors who are away.  Think you're up for it, or know someone who might be?  Contact us and we'll get you in touch with Young Life - this is a great opportunity to get a taste of what a life-changing opportunity mentoring can be.

Posted on May 20, 2014 .